A longstaff, made from bamboo or oak.

A heavy training sword made of wood.

A defined set of defensive and offencive moves in a predetermined sequence.  Almost all Kata begin with a defensive move.  This is in keeping with the Karateka's code, to only use Karate to defend yourself, or those unable to defend themselves.

Literally translated, as 'Empty Hand'.

A practitioner of Karate.

The body's energy.  This is the same energy which acupuncturists believe can be re-balanced in order to relieve certain ailments.   Eastern cultures believe that Ki is all around us, present in all living things.

Practise of Basic movements, usually, one movement is repeated many times.

Fighting/Sparring.  This can take many forms, from a one move set piece to a 'full contact' free for all.  Shoto-Ryu does not participate in 'full contact' sparring.

Karate Teacher.  Literally translated as 'One who was born before'.

A light training sword made of bamboo.

A wooden or metal sword resembling a cutlass.

Sometimes known as Taijiquan Shadow Boxing. Translates to 'Grand Ultimate Fist'.