Kevin Hick - 5th Dan

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Telephone: 0844 357 3300 (lo-call rates)

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TUESDAY Karate 19:00 - 21:00 Fees
SUNDAY Tai-Chi Chuan 18:30 - 20:30 Fees

We have been an established club in Bristol since 1988.  We train at 37th Kingswood Scouts HQ, Deerhurst, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 1XH and accept students aged 18 and over.

Whether you are a beginner, or more experienced, your first lesson is free.

Our club suits those who want to learn a martial art at their own pace in an aggression-free, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our warm up routines are designed to make you ready to train without injury, not to wear you out.  You will gain fitness from training, but you don't have to be fit to start!

Our practice is based around solo forms and partner work to help learn the technique, before trying more combative sparring.

Our Karate nights are spent practising kata (forms), kihon (basics), set sparring, pad work and free sparring.

Our Tai Chi nights are spent practicing Yang style long form, Chen style's 1st & 2nd forms, Yang's Two Person Set, Push Hands, Chi Kung and weapons forms.

Our students are trained to a high standard - we have a 100% grading pass rate.

Our Instructors are DBS checked.

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